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Bitcoin halving happened on 11 th May 2020 at 3:21 p.m. EST when 630,000th block was mined. This is the 3 rd halving event in the history of Bitcoin. The first one happened on 28 November 2012 and the second happened on 9 July 2016. Many of us non-tech or non-BTC people are wondering what exactly the fuss is all about and what exactly is halving? The largest Bitcoin wallet that belongs to an unknown entity or individual recently moved 101,857 BTC, worth just over $933 million. The transfer was first noticed by automated crypto tracking service Bitcoin Block Bot on June 27. And for this whopping transaction, the mysterious owner of the wallet paid just $0.48 in fees. The address was documented as the richest among non-exchange BTC ... Bitcoin touched $1100 in November 2013, a year after the halving when its price was around $12 in November 2012. Similarly, from being at $650 in July 2016, the crypto coin crossed $2500 in May 2017. It does appear as if a pattern has been set, and the most likely the same would follow each time the halving took place. But, what we are experiencing today is different from the economic ... One of the benefits of saving in bitcoin – is that it allows you to safeguard your own money without needing to delegate security & cost to a third party.. Yet, most people start off by getting involved with Bitcoin on cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase or Binance.. Again, on such platforms, you don’t own your private keys. The Exchange is integrating four tokens: BTC3L, BTC3S, ETH3L, ETH3S. These are Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens created by Amun to give token holders easy access to leveraged long and short daily returns of crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ether. BTC3L Amun Long 3x Bitcoin Token. BTC3S Amun Short 3x Bitcoin Token. ETH3L Amun Long 3x Ether ... #3. Litecoin (LTC) Litecoin, the open-source and decentralized fork of Bitcoin, created by Charlie Lee is among my second best favorite cryptocurrencies to HODL.. Litecoin was created to complement Bitcoin as silver to Bitcoin’s gold, and so far it has succeeded in that by being in the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies since 2012.

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New Money: The Greatest Wealth Creation Event in History ...

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